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Experience the efficiency of payroll processing managed by CKH Group. With 24/7 support, live processing, and the option of same-day or next-day deposits, entrust us with all your payroll needs.


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Yvette Hasbrouck Payroll manager

Our Payroll Manager has been with CKH group for over 12 years and knows both payroll processing and the firm inside and out. Yvette upholds the expectations of timely and responsive payroll support.

1. How quickly does CKH process payroll?
CKH Group offers live processing, which means you have the option for same-day or next-day deposits. In addition, due to CKH Group’s access to satellite offices in multiple time zones, when you clock out we clock in, giving 24/7 payroll support as needed.

2. Do you offer payroll processing for contractors (1099)?
Yes! CKH group is happy to say we offer payroll processing for contractors as well. If you have very specific payroll needs, you can always discuss with CKH Group to see how we can accommodate your unique situation.

3. Do you have a minimum employee requirement? Or specific frequency requirements?
Nope! We can process payroll for as little as just one employee, and can scale up to meet your needs. We also follow your payroll processing schedule- whether that is multiple runs a month, monthly, quarterly, or annually.

4. How much does payroll processing cost?
The cost of payroll processing depends on how many employees need processing and how often throughout the year/month. This processing includes direct debits, quarterly reporting, and federal & state agency payments. Additionally, there is an initial set-up fee, and optional premium add ons including PTO tracking, next-day check delivery, WC pay-as-you-go, and Fedex delivery of year-end payroll reports. Reach out to CKH Group to schedule a free initial consultation in which we can put together a custom engagement letter for you to review.

5. Can’t I just process payroll myself? Why CKH Group?
Of course, there’s always the option to manage payroll in-house. CKH Group provides a 10-step guide on how to do this efficiently. However, you will notice that the process is not a simple one; outsourcing these functions can increase accuracy, timeliness, free up time for core functions, and help avoid major mistakes when processing payroll. The more employees your company has, the harder it will be to manage. For more information, review our guide and determine if outsourcing is the right move for you.

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