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CKH Group does not track your refunds- to do so you must visit the IRS for federal refunds, or your state’s appropriate website for state refunds. Visit our handy track my refund page to be redirected to the tracking portal for your state.

Documents can be submitted via our client portal. Please do NOT send tax documents via email. All documents need to be password protected for your security.

Generally, we need at least two(2) weeks to file in order to ensure your documents will be filed on time. However, if you know you might have a complex return, turning it in sooner would be beneficial. Sometimes, if documents are not turned in early enough, you might have to file for an extension instead.

CKH Group’s services and solutions are tailored to each client’s individual needs. Therefore, our pricing is dependent on each client, rather than the service itself. You can, however schedule a free consultation with us to determine your needs and get an expected pricing.

Visit this guide to see what tax documents or information you need to collect in order to complete your returns. Our accountants will also make sure they inform you of the information they need in order to assist in any other services

Generally, no, extensions must be filed before the tax deadline. However, here is a breakdown of what to do if you file your taxes late. To avoid any late filing fees or audits, be sure to prepare in advance!

There are a lot of factors to determine whether or not you can still claim a dependent. Read this article to determine if the criteria is still applicable.

Check out this article to give some insight on what items are deductible. Or get in touch with us to schedule a meeting to review your individual situation.

For our employee’s security, and to streamline communications, we do not give out individual work emails on our website. You can, however, fill out a contact form requesting an employee to get in touch with. If you are looking to book an appointment, you can also do that through our book now page.

For your security and for liability reasons, we require all official documents to be password protected through our client portals. Just like you wouldn’t want anyone reading your mail, you also don’t want your private information available as well. Therefore, we take extra security precautions to be sure your information is secure.

You can visit our branding page to learn more about our branding guidelines and the do’s and don’t to utilizing our logo. You can also complete a form to request brand manual and logo materials.

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