We believe our company has the best of both worlds – an experienced history combined with an innovative future – which makes the present an extremely exciting time at CKH.
The last decade in particular has seen exponential growth as we’ve opened offices around the world, expanded our client base, and engaged in new lines of service. Exploring these new frontiers would not be possible without a strong foundation. Our timeline below outlines how CKH came to be and where we are headed.


The beginning of CKH era

Harry Catrakilis, CPA, joined a local Atlanta-based CPA firm focusing mainly on tax compliance for real estate professionals.

CKH history icon 2005

The 1st audit engagement

The Firm successfully performed their first audit engagement of Accrual Based Financial Statements; the firm expanded its presence in the audit area and added mid-size companies to the Firm’s client base.


The Expansion

The Firm performed the first major audit engagement of a public multinational company (IT and Telecommunications) and further expanded client base.

2013: The Firm started to provide more professional services, such as Due Diligence, Transactions Support, Financial Consulting and Analytics. The Company added a Large Consumer Goods and Logistics company to the list of clients.

CKH history icon 2014

The Company Goes International

2014 was an eventful year. The Firm acquired a local accounting company and undertook the first Major Carve-Out (Divestiture) project. To accommodate the growth, the Firm expanded its international presence – opened a first international location (Cape Town, South Africa).

2015: The Firm signed its first contract with a Fortune 500 company to provide valuable accounting and consulting services throughout EMEA, and eventually, other regions. The Firm expanded its footprint to Nantes, France and Milan, Italy. By having a presence in France and Italy, respectively, the firm was able to address the tax and local accounting needs of clients in these two major markets.

CKH history icon 2017

The Grow

The Firm added another major client to the client list. The expanding client base accompanies the openings of two new international locations (Kyiv, Ukraine and Poznan, Poland). The Firm’s local and international staff grew to more than 60 professionals.

2018: The Firm continued to grow and expand its presence in Europe and the United States. The Firm established a new office in Athens, Greece.

CKH history icon 2020

The Future

The Firm increased its international presence by opening an office in Frankfurt on Main, Germany. thereby bringing into the firm the much-needed skills to service the biggest market in the European Union.

The firm now has over 80 bright and dedicated professionals providing valuable services to our clients from seven international locations.

The Story continues.

Since the establishment in 2003, the company has grown from a locally-based professional services firm to an international partnership with over 80 employees in 7 different countries across the globe. Through the hard work of our employees and the management, we continue strive for excellence daily in everything we do.

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