IRS Nonpayment Notices

The Internal Revenue Service has finally responded to a large number of complaints regarding incorrect unpaid tax notices. As a result, the mailing of three types of IRS nonpayment notices have been suspended.

At a time when mailing in the United States has become its own issue, complications have also arisen as a result of COVID-19. Many physical operations of the IRS closed in March but mail continued to be received. The result is a significant backlog of mail processing.

When IRS employees returned to physical operations, many automatic “overdue” notices were sent out while the payments were unknowingly in a stack of over 12 million parcels of mail (according to Rep. Richard Neal (D-Massachusetts).

Automatic notices CP503, CP504, and CP501 have been suspended until the mailing backlog has been cleared. Although the IRS is halting the mailing of IRS nonpayment notices, taxpayers who have received notices and have not submitted payments are still required to do so.

If a taxpayer continues to receive notices for which they have already submitted a payment, it is most likely due to the delay in mail processing. Please keep your proof of mailing and do not cancel the unprocessed checks.

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