Atlanta, GA, May 25, 2021 – The CKH Group, originally CKH CPA’s and Advisors, announced that, as of May 2021, it has officially rebranded to CKH Group.

CKH Group now encapsulates all the activities of CKH CPA’S and Advisors, LLC and CKH Consulting, LLC.


Over the past 17 years, CKH Group has grown exponentially and now provides a variety of financial services for over 2,000 clients. The rebranding effort reflects how the group has grown and will continue to expand. This change is part of CKH Group’s strategy to emphasize the strength of its capabilities, its growth, and our commitment to helping our clients. Resulting from in-depth research, market analysis, and discussions with experts in the field, the rebranding of CKH Group enables the company to grow its services in the future, accomplish local and global growth objectives, and foster and develop new clients relationships.


“This puts CKH Group in the position to be more competitive and offers more capabilities towards our clients, said Nico Meyer, Group CEO.’’

About CKH Group

CKH Group is a CPA-led business advisory firm, offering powerful financial solutions to individuals, SMEs and corporations, both public and private. We are a global team of more than 150 talented professionals from across our offices in Atlanta, Cape Town, Kyiv, Frankfurt, Athens, Nantes, Poznan and Barcelona

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