CKH Group is standing with the members of our team, and their families, in our Ukraine office. We are keeping those impacted close to our hearts and in our minds. During this impactful time, we would like to provide the members of our CKH Group teams with appropriate resources to help the situation in Ukraine. If you are looking to donate to those in dire need here is a list of places that need your help in many ways. This list of resources was originally put together by Ukrainian journalists and citizens:

Supplies for the Military:

Note, All the funds donated directly or to either of these orgs will be used for logistical and medical support.

Donate directly to The Armed Forces of Ukraine

Come Back Alive

Army SOS

Phoenix Wings

Vostok SOS

Medical Supplies:

Razom for Ukraine

United Help Ukraine

Fundraiser for Sunflower of Peace

Revived Soldiers Ukraine


Aiding Volunteer Work:

Ukrainian Red Cross

Aiding Veterans:


Aiding Children Impacted by War:

Voices of Children

Supporting Journalists:

You can donate to The Kyiv Independent for continued coverage of Ukrainian English language journalism: Patreon, GoFundMe

Journalism Emergency Fund

Supplies for Journalists

Aiding Vulnerable Groups:

Insight- LGBTQ+ aid

Help for Roma family resettlement

Resources for at-risk groups