Returning to Business Safely

As businesses are starting to return to normal, many questions arise in regards to health, safety, and sanitation in the workplace. Business owners and managers are doing everything they can to ensure a safe environment for their customers and employees, and it’s important to stay informed on how best to do so.

There are many ways we can ensure a safe workplace, so long as we stay consistent about implementing the various guidelines. Below are a few of those guidelines referenced by the OSHA COVID-19 handbook recommended by the CDC:

OSHA Covid-19

  • Encourage employees to stay at home if they are feeling ill.
  • Practice frequent communication with team members to stay up to date on the general health of employees.
  • Adapt day to day functions to incorporate social distancing practices.
  • Provide sanitation stations throughout the office and encourage the use of such areas.
  • Practice Social Distancing in the work environment.
  • Stay up-to-date on COVID-19 related news to best combat potential spreading of the virus.

Many other measures can be taken to slow/eliminate the virus from spreading, but there is an understanding that businesses and employees are still looking to be productive. With that, here are a few potential solutions to help your business function as COVID-19 is monitored:

  • Utilize technology for work and communication.
  • If possible, digitize work so it can be performed remotely.
  • When in contact with other individuals, practice social distancing.
  • Designate item ownership: to avoid using other people’s belongings (computers, work stations, etc.).

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