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Procure-to-Pay (P2P) is the process of obtaining products or services and making payment for them. It’s an essential life-cycle process for every company, requiring mastery of cash flow and vendor relationships to efficiently and effectively manage. A successful P2P process focuses on:

  • Supply management
  • Vendor selection
  • Requisition
  • Purchase order creation
  • Receiving and record-keeping
  • Invoice reconciliation
  • Accounts payable

CKH assists clients in establishing a sound P2P model, from sourcing to invoicing, payments to proper accounting. We streamline purchasing with digital technologies to gain visibility, preserve transparency and control over-spending, while implementing self-service procurement to minimize off-contract spending. Some of the unique areas of improvement we target include:

  • Supplier relationships, contract terms and tax rates
  • Automated, electronic capture of all relevant transactions
  • Reduction of errors, fraud and risk through process visibility
  • Compliance of pre-agreed pricing and budget limits

Through a robust, accountable P2P process, we’ll help you control cash flow, mitigate accounting errors and fraud, and foster healthy vendor partnerships.

Your business needs consistent, reliable cash flow to operate. Implementation of a flexible order-to-cash process is paramount, so you’re receiving and processing sales orders for goods or services, including payment, in a timely and accurate manner. The order-to-cash process breaks down into a more granular scope, including:

  • Customer presence
  • Order entry
  • Order fulfillment
  • Distribution
  • Invoicing
  • Customer payments
  • Cash application
  • Deductions
  • Collection

CKH establishes order-to-cash processes for our clients that promote healthy cash flow and current record-keeping. We focus on the core entry, fulfillment, billing and payment facets of the process, centralizing and integrating invoicing/payments, transitioning to automated invoicing and creating real-time reporting mechanisms to settle delinquent accounts. Our abilities also include implementation of web portals for vendors, making invoice accessing and payments easier.

For additional information about our approach to procure-to-pay or order-to-cash processes, or to speak with a knowledgeable member of our team, please contact us today.

Travel and Expense (T/E) filings for medium-to-large organizations may cause complications for accounting departments. Processing T/E filings, coding them to the correct cost center and ensuring accounting compliance can be difficult. Without fundamental processes and formally-outlined terms for T/E management, your business could be at risk for tax liabilities.

CKH ensures a T/E filing process that encourages strict compliance, so your expenses are handled the right way, every time. We focus on establishing T/E criteria to assist your business in a variety of ways:

  • Achieve more visibility and control over the expensing process
  • Review and reconcile all purchase card and expense transactions
  • Maintain policy control for travel and expense transactions
  • Remove the hassle of individual employee reconciliation

Our formalized approach to process development includes eliminating ambiguities, reconciling misstated or misrepresented expenses, delineating clear expense guidelines and creating SOPs for proper T/E filing. We seek to help your accounting department dissuade reckless spending, prevent fraudulent expense claims and tighten the budget on unverified purchases.

We strive to simplify the way your business handles T/E purchases and how you processes these filings. Contact our team today and let us help you.

Intercompany reconciliation is essential for any business entity with at least one subsidiary. This process focuses on removing transactions between the parent company and subsidiaries from the books, for a more accurate accounting record and picture of the conglomerate’s overall financial health. Intercompany reconciliation also mitigates inaccuracies within any financial statements issued by the company.

Intercompany transactional workings can be extremely confusing to follow and are seldom an easy task for the company’s management to reconcile. Completely reconciling and balancing accounts takes full-time dedication and focused attention to detail, requiring an understanding of the relationship between companies, as well as their dissimilar reporting policies and procedures.

At CKH, our disciplined, versatile approach to intercompany reconciliations resolves issues that persist on your business’s balance sheet. We untangle your organization’s transactional activities without putting strain on your in-house workforce or further complicating the situation. Our expertise helps organizations make convoluted scenarios transparent and complex issues simple. We do this by:

  • Developing processes for continuous reconciliation, as opposed to scheduled
  • Developing and maintaining a centralized record of intercompany transactions
  • Improving the visibility of transactions and intercompany cashflows
  • Utilizing robust technologies to automate reconciliation
  • Quickly remediating disputes between ledgers

Contact us today if you’re having trouble reconciling accounts between your business entities and we’ll work to make the mess more manageable.

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX) is a major piece of financial legislation in the United States, enacted to help prevent fraudulent activities among public companies. Rules and regulations driven by the enactment of SOX emphasize the importance of companies keeping accurate account reconciliations and portraying financial data in a transparent manner.

The experienced team at CKH will help you remain SOX compliant, supplementing your in-house reporting and accounting departments. We strive to assist you in maintaining balance sheet integrity through careful reconciliation, and we believe quality, accuracy and completeness are the building blocks of a robust process. Our team focuses on providing:

  • Balance sheet support, specifically related to payroll
  • Direct and indirect tax account reconciliation
  • Timeliness of account reconciliation, with status tracking
  • Methodologies for evaluating account reconciliation performance
  • Technologies to ensure error-free, accurate balance sheet statements

CKH drives process control, to help your business remain SOX compliant at all times through adherence to clear standards. Let us assist you with process mapping, account management oversight and data-driven visualization and reporting on control activities, to guarantee SOX compliance at every stage of the account reconciliation process.

To ensure your company is SOX compliant and that your balance sheet is clean, compliant and transparent, contact our team of accountants today.

In the age of digital commerce, navigating the dynamic world of sales and use tax is complex and can quickly become overwhelming. To keep your organization aligned with proper accounting of sales and use tax, CKH mitigates inefficiencies and provides value-added changes for the future.
Our dedicated, experienced team handles all aspects of the compliance process, from data accumulation and tax computation, to return preparation, filing and payment. Through a scalable process, we ensure your returns are prepared and reviewed by knowledgeable tax experts. We can also assist with:

  • Handling of notices
  • Tracking tax liability exposure
  • Interstate taxation accountability
  • Opening and closing of account registrations
  • Audit defense support
  • Voluntary disclosure agreements
  • Action plan creation

Our firm strives to be a seamless extension of your tax department, taking the time to understand your business processes to implement best practices. We clearly outline our workflow process at the start of every new engagement, maintaining complete transparency throughout the entire process. Our mission is to assist in developing processes that streamline your tax oversight, minimize liabilities and control business operations.

Contact CKH today and rest assured your returns will be filed and paid in a timely manner, with the appropriate taxing authority.