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Mastering Statutory Compliance with CKH Group

Navigating the intricate landscape of statutory compliance in accounting poses a multifaceted challenge, with businesses often grappling to meet country-specific rules and regulations. For entities operating in a globalized economy, adherence to these jurisdictional financial reporting requirements is not only crucial but also complex. CKH Group’s seasoned team of experts is uniquely positioned to provide tailored outsourced solutions, offering a suite of services to help you not only meet but exceed the stringent accounting standards of each country.

As a leading CPA firm based in Atlanta, we take pride in offering Statutory Compliance Services designed to:

    • Maintain global compliance to empower your business
    • Reduce risk or costly errors
    • Alleviate complexity by providing timely and efficient results

What Is Statutory Compliance?

Statutory Compliance is the pre-defined set of rules within which companies must function in a country. These rules are derived from the legal framework in the country and covers everything from how organizations operate to how they treat their employees.

For CKH Group, statutory compliance refers specifically to country-specific tax and accounting rules, such as VAT compliance, waste compliance, preparation of local financial statements, and IFRS, local, and US GAAP conversions. Essentially, all the difficulties that come with operating a global business that must abide by each of the country rules it operates in.


Globally, Value Added Tax (VAT) is the most popular consumption tax system. This is the indirect tax chargeable upon the sale of goods and services. Because of its popular use and global scale, companies with entities outside the US need to maintain VAT compliance.

VAT compliance creates challenges for businesses due to the level of detail required and expertise needed to avoid costly errors that produce a ripple effect in your reporting. Any inaccuracy picked up down the line creates a need to unravel complex data trails. Outsourcing these responsibilities to CKH Group can prevent this from occurring in the first place.



In an era marked by increasing environmental consciousness and stringent regulatory frameworks, businesses face pressure to ensure compliance with environmental laws. Non-compliance not only poses legal risks but also threatens a company’s reputation and sustainability.

Recognizing this, outsourcing these compliance processes to CKH Group can help your businesses maintain environmental compliance through regulatory environmental reporting. With dedicated SMEs with a firm understanding of environmental compliance, you can trust the expertise of our accountants to keep you compliant.



Preparation of your statutory financial statements can be complicated when a business has multiple entities in multiple countries due to the laws and regulations in each country. Preparing these with compliance in mind is a challenge that CKH Group seeks to solve.

Our team of skilled professionals is equipped to handle this step in your accounting cycle, following the accounting principles that apply to each local country, state, or region. CKH Group has experience servicing companies in 22 different countries, and has the support of MSI Global Alliance to ensure we always have a resource able to meet your needs.



Operating in a global business environment often involves dealing with multiple accounting standards. CKH Group understands the challenges associated with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), local accounting standards, and US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

Our experts specialize in seamless conversions, facilitating a smooth transition between different accounting frameworks. Whether you are adopting IFRS, converting from local GAAP to US GAAP, or vice versa, CKH Group ensures your financial statements reflect the highest standards of accuracy and compliance.


What is Outsourced Statutory Compliance?

Because statutory compliance requires localized knowledge for each country a business operates in, it makes sense for large corporations with multiple entities to outsource these accounting processes to those who will have knowledge of local regulations. US GAAP conversions, waste compliance, VAT, and preparation of local financial statements all require dedicated knowledge.

CKH Group can help you in this manner, supplementing and supporting your business to ensure compliance on a global scale. With our membership in the MSI Global alliance, you can trust that we will always have access to country-specific resources should the need arise.

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