Advisory and Consulting

Advisory and Consulting

Regardless of your industry, business scope, current challenges or other variables, our approach to advisory & consulting is comprehensive.

We deliver informative advisory and consulting solutions to each of our clients, tailored to meet your unique needs and challenges. Our team of qualified accountants is equipped with years of experience and the dexterity to meet your evolving needs. We consider every variable and explore every possibility until we find the right one.

What we can offer you

Your business’s most important asset is its human capital – the collective manpower, expertise and talent driving its success. When the time comes to bolster your workforce, CKH Group will assist you in augmenting your staff the right way. We help clients recognize the need for additional staff so you can supplement your projects accordingly, whether on a permanent or semi-permanent basis.

  • Utilize your existing resources, without over-leveraging to accommodate new staff.
  • Retain the skills and intellectual capital of your current staff without overburdening them.
  • Gain access to our tenured accounting advisory and taxation experts.
  • Utilize a scalable staff on a per-project or per-term basis, avoiding long-term expenditure.
  • Benefit from a mobile staff that works both off-site and on-site worldwide.

The CKH Group staff acts as an extension of your in-house team, with peace of mind in knowing you’re working with consummate professionals. Our team can be integrated directly with your own, managed by executive staff to ensure all communication is clear, controlled and understood.

If the time has come to supplement your business’s workforce with qualified professionals, CKH Group is ready to help. Let our team assist you in phases of growth and expansion, enabling you to get the footing you need for sustainability, whether you retain our experts or choose to hire in-house. Contact us today to discuss staff augmentation.

The financial and accounting advisory services of CKH Group are designed to assist CFOs, controllers, treasurers and other accounting and finance staff in discharging their duties and outputs. Our staff has significant commercial experience, ensuring all of the solutions we recommend are practical and value-additive to our clients.

Our transaction advisory services are wide-ranging—from specialized work such as financial statement carve-out accounting, to transactional consulting such as P2P, O2C and R2R, to project management services. Regardless of the assistance your business requires, trust that our solutions are always tailored to meet your needs.

Divestiture and Carve-out Strategy 

After M&A scenarios and corporate restructurings, it becomes necessary to divest segments of the business. Whether you’re seeking to carve out an underperforming segment or are selling off a subsidiary to focus on the core business, we’ll assist in developing a strategy for execution. We can help you realize the full divestiture of a business segment or coordinate an equity stake in a business you no longer wish to own controlling shares in.

Transactional Activities 

As you restructure or evaluate your business’s holdings, CKH Group will help qualify transactions of a P2P, O2C or R2R nature.

  • Procure-to-Pay (P2P) involves the supply management/procurement aspects of your business. We will assist to clear long outstanding creditors, matching appropriate documents and transactions and final settlement with vendors. Our process also includes root cause analysis and recommendation of process improvement. The transactional P2P function can also be outsourced to CKH Group for end-to-end solution..
  • Order-to-cash (O2C) encompasses the sales function of your organization and the recording or the receivable and collection/factoring of cash. We will assist to clear long outstanding receivables, matching appropriate documents and transactions, deduction processing and recording of all cash received. Our process also includes root cause analysis and recommendation of process improvement. The transactional O2C function can also be outsourced to CKH Group for end to end solution.
  • Record-to-report (R2R) comprise all other transactions processed through the general ledger including provisions and other journal entries. We will also assist with process improvements and reporting for management, statutory or in GAAP (US, IFRS, etc). The transactional R2R function can also be outsourced to CKH Group for end to end solution.


The broad scope of our transaction advisory services enables CKH Group to help your business eliminate waste and maximize potential. Whether you choose to carve out and divest from an underperforming segment or restructure around a lucrative one, we’re ready to assist you. Contact us today to get the insights you need to make the right decision.

Working capital is the business’s current assets minus its current liabilities, as a measure of operating liquidity. It’s used to determine the total operating capital of the business and is one of the most important metrics for a company to measure, understand and manage.

CKH Group has long assisted both small and large clients in addressing their working capital needs, to assist them in maintaining healthy, sustainable operations. Working capital can be divided into focuses that include the ongoing activities of the business and merger and acquisition (M&A) activities.

Ongoing working capital management allows the company to determine how effective and efficient it is at generating cash. The three main areas comprising working capital are accounts receivable, accounts payable and inventory.

A/R Claims Management

CKH Group streamlines accounts receivable claims by building processes that reduce the backlog of claims, while also improving the success rate of dispute resolutions. When customers file accounts receivable disputes, we address them quickly to identify the root-cause of these inefficiencies, preventing future similar situations.

A/P Processing and Reconciling of Goods Receipt/Invoice Receipt (GR/IR)

Critical vendors need to be paid on-time. We reduce the aging of unprocessed invoices and ensure the 3-way match process between purchase orders (PO), goods receipt (GR) and invoice receipt (IR). We use our extensive experience to reduce significant backlogs in processing, introducing proven processes and knowledgeable accountants to facilitate them.

Working Capital Target Calculation in M&A Transactions

We advise working capital targets that are integral to asset deals, to help inform M&A decisions. Working capital targets have a meaningful impact on the amount of cash the seller receives—or, if our client is buying, the amount of cash required to fund the transaction.

Contact CKH Group today for complete oversight in working capital management across all facets of accounts receivable, accounts payable and inventory.

Understanding your company’s financial data implores faster decision-making, data-driven solutions to problems and, ultimately, increased organizational competitiveness through business-process optimization and cost-savings. CKH Group assists clients in identifying data points integral to their operations and utilizing that data to derive efficient solutions.

From root-cause identification of ongoing obstacles, to providing the most effective solutions to these problems, our data analysis team is highly adept at helping your organization save time and effort in dealing with operational difficulties.

Whether you require financial data analysis or procurement cycle bottleneck identification, delegate your data-related concerns to us. We’ll apply our tenured expertise and turnkey approach to client service to solve them, generating maximum positive impact for your business.

Contact CKH Group today to set up processes for gathering, benchmarking and utilizing critical business and financial data. We’ll help you uncover the path to continued success within the many quantifiable aspects of your operations.

Taxes differ based on a variety of factors. Determining, understanding and fulfilling your tax obligations isn’t always straightforward and becomes more complex as the reach of your organization grows. Through the combined efforts of our accountants and analysts, CKH Group ensures the correct collection, filing and remittance of appropriate tax types, in their correct amounts.

Post-Wayfair Risk Analysis

Sales tax laws can be extremely complicated. Not only do statutes and rates differ based on jurisdiction, the nexus surrounding them is constantly changing—evidenced by the recent South Dakota v. Wayfair case. As a result of this case, state governments can now require out-of-state vendors with no physical presence to collect and remit sales tax on items shipped to consumers in their state.

The precedent for determining nexus is now based on economic presence, measured by varying thresholds across state lines. As a result, companies—including online retailers—conducting inter-state business are at risk for increased sales tax exposure.

CKH Group’s team of well-versed tax analysts will help determine your company’s level of exposure post-Wayfair and provide a recommended course of action. We stay up-to-date on every state’s economic nexus provisions and reporting requirements, and maintain a keen eye on those enacting combined state and local sales tax rates for a more simplified process.

Product and Service Taxability Analysis

As state governments seek to expand their taxpayer base to include both in-state and out-of-state retailers, they are also seeking to expand their tax base—the goods and services they deem to be “taxable.”

A sale made to a consumer in Georgia may be considered exempt, while that same sale made to a consumer in Ohio is taxable. The statutory nuances determining these differentiations are often subtle and easily overlooked, causing many companies to erroneously charge customers sales tax or unnecessarily pay use tax on exempt purchases.

Aided by our proficient use of resources like RIA Checkpoint, our team of highly-skilled research analysts will help your company identify and correct erroneous sales tax charges and use tax accruals. We assist in the creation and posting of journal entries to reverse those errors, as well as provide custom solutions to prevent re-occurrence in the future.

Contact CKH Group today for thorough, knowledgeable tax analysis, performed regardless of your business’s breadth or economic nexus.

At CKH Group, our staff provide either long-term or project-specific support. Our staff integrates itself within your organization to deliver complete project management services, tailored around the logistics of the problems you’re facing.

We oversee all projects using a holistic approach. We enact solutions by identifying the necessary information and reporting requirements, designing workflows, communicating the workflow within your organization, setting internal milestones and providing regular progress updates.

CKH Group senior staff brings a wide breadth of project management experience to every obstacle you’re currently facing, while leveraging flexibility and adaptability to derive turnkey solutions. We believe in process automation, standardization and accountability, centering our project management services on these traits.

For more information about our project management services or approach to understanding the unique needs and expectations of our clients, contact CKH Group today.

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