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US Taxes

Contact CKH Group to meet with our team of experienced tax professionals. We’ll evaluate your business’ tax situation and provide the turnkey solutions we’re known for.

As tenured CPAs with a global network of experience, CKH Group welcomes clients regardless of their tax position. Our experience and ongoing familiarity with local and international tax statutes enables us to provide a wealth of tax-related services to our clients with precision and thoroughness.

What we can offer you

CKH Group strives to provide the complete tax oversight required to maximize your business cash-flow, b minimizing you tax burden. We consider ourselves an integral part of your management team no matter your size. Our support includes:

  • Planning and business structure design. We assist in selecting the right structure for your business and help you with registrations with your Secretary of State office as well as with federal and state tax authorities.
  • Compliance. We will walk you through filing of federal and state income tax returns, payroll processing and filing, and local tax and business license filings. Our team will ensure full compliance with all filing obligations.
  • Research and analysis of complex tax issues. When circumstances require an expert tax opinion, our firm of professionals bring extensive experience and a depth of knowledge to bear. We provide tailored advice to deliver the best outcomes.
  • Representation during government agency examination. We stand by our work and will aggressively represent your business before federal and state tax agencies in the event of examination.

Let CKH Group help you discover and pursue tax saving opportunities that reduce the burden on your business and unlock potential for growth and prosperity. We’ll assist you in optimizing cash flow through tax mitigation strategies.

Business structures we serve:

  • C Corporations
  • Partnerships
  • Sub-Chapter S Corporations
  • Sole Proprietors

CKH Group will assist your business in maintaining every facet of tax compliance. We dedicate ourselves to ensuring your business is appropriately structured, abreast of the latest tax developments and well-represented at all times. Reach out today to begin working with our team of business income tax specialists.

From inheritance and trust distributions, to asset acquisition, capital gains and more—it takes a professional to ensure an accurate, complete filing. CKH Group takes the burden of complicated tax compliance out of your hands. We offer individual and family tax services for:

  • Individuals and families
  • Estates and trusts taxes
  • High net-worth individuals

By applying our familiarity with evolving tax laws, we’re able to minimize your tax burden, maximize deductions, and claim all available credits.

Personal Income Tax

In the world of taxes, boring is good! We strive to make the preparation and filing of your personal taxes as stress free, predictable and transparent as possible. We’re passionate about working for the best possible outcome, whether we’re preparing your return, responding to tax agency queries or defending you during agency examinations.

Estate, Trust, and Gift Tax

Our clients work hard to build their wealth; we work equally as hard to preserve it. This starts by limiting the erosion of estate and trust taxes. We collaborate with estate and trust attorneys to plan and execute strategies that retain family wealth and ensure accurate, timely filing of all associated returns.

Wealth Management

Our firm works with financial professionals to execute sound and tax-efficient wealth management strategies. We collaborate with our strategic partners, to bring a range of retirement and education solutions to our individual and business clients.

To learn more about how CKH Group can specifically assist you in optimizing your individual or family tax position, contact us today.

With 50 states in the U.S. and thousands of local tax jurisdictions to consider, the requirement to comply with state and local tax regulations can be complicated and burdensome for businesses. The team of tax professionals at CKH Group will simplify the process and provide guidance for your business, from registration to filing and payment. Our expertise covers:

  • Compliance with state tax regulations.
  • State income, sales, net worth and franchise tax navigation.
  • Local sales, property and business tax preparation and filing.
  • Nexus and apportionment assessments.
  • Insight into local tax rules and calculations.

CKH Group is a complete resource for navigating state and local tax requirements. Regardless of your business, we adopt a procedural approach that identifies specific concerns and addresses all tax responsibilities.

Sales and Use Tax

Rapid changes in sales and use tax rules across the U.S. pose a challenge for many businesses struggling to keep up. This often results in an increased risk of exposure and inefficient use of in-house staff who find themselves burdened by compliance at the expense of core business functions. With our experienced team of tax professionals, CKH Group provides the most effective solution in streamlining the monthly return preparation and filing process, reducing your tax burden, and protecting your bottom line. Our tailored and scalable approach enables us to become an extension of your tax department, allowing you to focus on strategic business initiatives while knowing that your sales and use tax obligations are in the most capable hands.

Property Tax

For many businesses, real and personal property taxes comprise their largest state and local tax liabilities and may increase in complexity as a company grows. Consequently, understanding these complexities and recognizing areas for potential savings are important, but also challenging. The CKH Group team is well-versed in real and personal property tax liability management. Whether it’s identifying overvaluations or recovering overpayments; reviewing and preparing personal property renditions; maximizing favorable treatment based on property class or usage; eliminating assessments on non-existent assets; or providing a comprehensive outsourcing compliance service, CKH Group can tailor a solution to meet our specific needs.

Unclaimed Property

As states seek out additional sources of revenue, unclaimed property has become an increasingly important area of concern for many businesses, especially those with uncashed checks, inactive customer deposits, unredeemed gift cards or other customer credits. In every state, businesses are mandated to report and remit items like these, which have been “unclaimed” for a defined period of time. Frequent legislative changes and a stronger push in enforcement activity make it difficult for companies to maintain accurate compliance. Whether maintaining compliance, initiating new or expanded compliance, or addressing audit notices, CKH Group’s committed team provides companies with proven procedures to resolve your unclaimed property issues and mitigate any potential risk in the future.

Credits and Incentives

Many state and local governments are seeking to help businesses expand by offering credits and incentives across a variety of sectors. From performance incentives and training grants to utility cost reductions and property tax abatement, there are opportunities for businesses in all stages and industries. Most credit and incentive initiatives have limited windows of opportunity for businesses to act and secure the full benefits. Navigating the various ways in which your business can cut down on its tax expenditures and keeping up with incentive deadlines can be difficult on your own. Our expert team at CKH Group can help manage these opportunities by analyzing your business functions to find relevant credit and incentive options and bring them to light.

Business Licensing

Managing your company’s business license obligations can be overwhelming due to the numerous licenses, permits, and tax registrations needed across state, city, county, municipal, township and special district governments. When your company misses a filing date or fails to properly meet a business license requirement, your company is subject to fines and penalties, or even, forced closure. Our team is committed to reducing the time, effort, and expenses involved with business licenses. At CKH Group, we will create a streamlined and customized process to ensure that your company remains compliant with all state and local licensing obligations.

Excise Tax

Today, the IRS administers over 30 different federal excise taxes, each with its own unique set of rules and applications. With additional regulations set by state governments, local institutions, and other regulatory bodies, excise taxes can quickly become overwhelming and difficult to navigate. CKH Group is here to help with all of your excise tax needs, regardless of your location or industry. From compliance, notice disputes, and audit representation to planning, consulting, and due diligence, our expert team will help your business capitalize on opportunities and mitigate potential risks across all sectors.

For assistance planning for, preparing and filing state and local taxes — contact CKH Group today.

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