Representative graphic of a customer doing a debit card transaction at a shop

Wholesaling and Retailing

CKH Group is equipped to help a variety of companies across the industry gain and leverage an accurate picture of their wholesale and retail businesses.

Staying competitive as a wholesaler or retailer can be challenging as you strive for efficiency without compromising product delivery or customer satisfaction. Retailers and wholesalers continuously find themselves facing new regulations, issues and technological changes. Our team has the ability to assist in managing your business’ growth and profits while keeping you informed on industry changes.

Services Include:

  • Business Strategy Plans & Projections

  • Budgeting

  • Financial Statement Analysis

  • Corporate Tax

  • Multi-state and International Tax

  • Tax Structuring

  • Analytical Review of Financial Information

  • Cash Flow Analysis

  • Financial Monitoring and Industry Benchmarking

  • Financial Metrics

  • Partnership Tax

  • Tax Projections

  • Review of Internal Controls

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