Assurance services give your business the clear, accurate financial picture it needs to make informed decisions impacting its future. Whether you’re considering an M&A scenario, expansion prospects, consolidation, bankruptcy filing or even a potential IPO, allow CKH to provide essential assurance oversight.

CKH provides a full breadth of assurance services, designed to qualify the integrity of your financial operations and bring transparency, accountability and standardization to your reporting. Contact us today for customized assurance services.

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We Offer :

Our firm’s audit abilities include U.S. GAAP, IFRS and local GAAP frameworks, as well as 401k audits and auditing for nonprofit charity entities. We’re part of the MSI network, giving our clients the confidence they demand during an in-depth audit of their business’s core financial statements.

In the aftermath of an audit or other introspection of company financials, we provide review services to identify and qualify areas of concern. Using sophisticated analysis techniques, we review all essential financial documents to help you understand year-over-year changes, current financial positions, impending challenges, non-compliance issues, misreporting or fraud, and much more.

Compilations do not offer assurance on an organization’s financial statements. Instead, we translate your nonprofit’s finances into a U.S. GAAP statement for thorough review from within a purely financial framework. No testing or analytical procedures are performed.

Our qualified accountants will sit down with you to discuss and review procedural reporting habits of your company, making recommendations and improvements in an effort to improve the overall reliability, accuracy and diligence of current and future reporting.

Does your business have the internal process controls in place to catch critical errors in financial reporting? Through internal control testing, CKH will evaluate your failsafe mechanisms to ensure they’re protecting you from misreporting errors. We evaluate on reperformance, observation, inspection and more, assessing the validity of your controls through substantive testing and detailed documentation.