Shared Services and Outsourcing Week 2024

CKH Group is thrilled to announce our sponsorship at SSON’s Shared Services & Outsourcing Week (SSOW) conference happening March 25-28, 2024, in Orlando, FL.

What is Shared Services and Outsourcing Week?

SSOW is an event hosted by the Shared Services & Outsourcing Network (SSON) in Orlando, FL on March 25 – 28, 2024. The Shared Services and Outsourcing Week (SSOW) conference is the world’s largest gathering of leaders in shared services, global business services, outsourcing, and intelligent automation. It serves as a unified community where participants delve into forefront trends and advancements in shared services, including automation, digitization, process excellence, and the changing landscape of work.

The program features thought-provoking keynotes, interactive discussion groups, hands-on workshops, off-site experiences, and an innovative Innovation HUB displaying the latest technologies. Come join us at SSOW, where innovation and collaboration reshape the future of shared services.

Shared Services & Outsourcing Week 2024

What is SSON?

The Shared Services and Outsourcing Network (SSON) is the largest and most established community of shared services, global business services and outsourcing professionals in the world. SSON boasts a community of 180,000 active members and a substantial following of 2.5 million individuals, all united by the common goal of providing the Global Business & Shared Services community with the expertise, connections, and tools necessary to drive change and deliver high-value business solutions.

Established in 1999, SSON recognized the revolution in business support services as it was happening, and realized that a forum was needed through which practitioners could connect with each other on a regional and global basis. SSON operates under four distinct brands – SSON Digital, SSON Research & Analytics, SSON Events and Global Business Services Training & Certification. 

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