Why You Should File a Tax Extension

Why you should file a tax extension even if plan to file on time.

We are often asked if filing an extension will somehow draw additional scrutiny to a tax return or diminish the taxpayers standing in the eyes of the IRS. The answer is an emphatic “no!” In fact, there are several reasons to file an extension even if you intend to file by the original filing deadline. For example:

  1. You are protected from a late filing penalty if you extend the return and file by the extended deadline. Remember this an extension to file, not an extension to pay. You will still be liable for interest on any balance due.
  1. Superseding returns – once you file, any change or omission must be reported on an amended return. However, if your extension is in place, you file a superseding return that replaces the original return. The difference is with an amended return the original and the amended return are on record, but with a superseded return you are getting a do-over, and only the superseding return remains on record.
  1. Time to catch information returns. Sometimes taxpayers are not aware that they are required to file an informational return, often these arise where the taxpayer has elements of foreign income that they become aware of later in the year.
  1. Time to correct unexpected omissions or tax changes. Even if you plan to file on time, filing an extension will give you and your tax preparer more time to thoroughly review your return and fix any unexpected changes. You may even be able to make tax elections after the original filing which otherwise might not be an option on a timely filed return without an extension.


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