Our global team of more than 150 experienced professionals serve clients from our 8 offices in Atlanta, Cape Town, Kyiv, Frankfurt, Athens, Nantes, Poznan and Barcelona.

Atlanta, United States

Atlanta, Georgia is home to CKH CPA’s headquarters. Having established both local and international reputation in the fields of accounting, finance, and advisory services, the company’s head office smoothly manages the work of its international network while giving autonomy to the firm’s local offices worldwide. This is also where our US-based talent, driven by the company-wide desire “to be the global accounting company most admired for its people whose innovative thinking inspires clients to succeed beyond their expectations” are led by our Chief Operating Officer, Nico Meyer.

With deep roots in Georgia, supplemented by decades of local expertise and international experience from Western Europe to Africa, our Atlanta office experts provide powerful accounting and financial solutions, as well as tax services to individuals, SMEs, and corporations, both public and private.


More than 20 professionals for Audit and Attestation, Financial Consulting, Investments, Income tax planning and compliance and Project Management. Financial accounting and bookkeeping, payroll and M&A transaction support.

Cape Town, South Africa

Since its establishment in 2014 to support the US headquarters in Atlanta, the Cape Town office has brought together a diverse pool of accounting, finance, and consulting talent. The office’s time zone and geography allows our local professionals to serve our clients in the best way possible.

The dedication of the local team to the tasks at hand is further complemented by the team management’s ability to meet client needs through thorough and clear understanding of each project’s deliverables. The Cape Town team has proven to carry out their tasks and duties through excellent services and timely project completion.

Nantes, France

The Nantes office was established in 2015 when CKH set up an EMEA Statutory Shared Services center. The main purpose of our Nantes office is to foster client relations and address important issues for our US clients who have significant presences in the EMEA region. Over the past several years, our French talent has helped the firm build a solid clientele base throughout the region and continues to drive the expansion of our local and regional presence.


Statutory Compliance and Financial Reporting professional with over 20 years of industry experience.

Kyiv, Ukraine

The Kyiv office was established in 2016 at a time when few international companies considered the Ukraine as a destination for establishing a back office support for its financial and accounting services worldwide. Having established the presence in Ukraine, our team of accountants, auditors, tax specialists, and consultants have been participating in various projects across the globe, assisting our clients with their US and international operations.

Due to the ever-increasing number of clients in the firm’s global portfolio, each with its unique project requirements and expectations, our team members, assisted by our colleagues from other CKH offices, have been able to develop and enhance a wide variety of skill-sets necessary to succeed in the modern fast-paced business environment.


More than 40 experienced professionals in Audit and Attestation, European Statutory Compliance, Financial accounting and bookkeeping, Payroll and Income Tax Compliance Services, M&A transaction support, Accounts Payable (PtoP) and Accounts receivable (OtoC) processing.

Poznan, Poland

Our Polish talent is fully dedicated to providing excellent Statutory Compliance and Accounting services to our regional clients. The Poznan office’s strategic geographic position allows the firm to solidify its presence in Europe and better service our customers’ needs on short notice. The Poznan office, through its hard work and dedication, has proven to be an integral part of the CKH services portfolio.


Four seasoned professional providing Statutory Compliance, Corporate Income Tax, Tax Audit, Indirect Tax Compliance.

Athens, Greece

In 2018, our Italian SME (subject matter expert) relocated to Athens, GR in order to set up an additional European center that would cater to additional EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) projects. Our Greek office has much to offer in terms of the quality and depth it contributes to each project. Coming together from various fields, our Athens talent has much to offer in terms of practical application of their respective former industries’ knowledge. Greek team members are often involved in various international projects, allowing them to constantly increase their individual professional competencies.

Covering yet another time zone and geographic location, the Athens team further solidifies the CKH presence throughout the region in our collective pursuit and ultimate goal of providing excellent services to our clients.


More than 15 professionals providing Statutory Compliance, M&A transaction support, Local Tax Compliance (USA focus on SALT) and Procure to Pay (PtoP) services.

Frankfurt Am Main, Germany

Frankfurt on Main’s office is the latest addition to the CKH international office network. Our ever-expanding project base led CKH to add this important office to our European arena in 2019. Frankfurt on Main’s location gives the company even more flexibility in serving our clients, while enhancing our collective knowledge and expertise.


Statutory Compliance and Financial Reporting professional with over 20 years of industry experience.